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Friday March 19, 2022

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT

Bridge Street Gort, County Galway

Dance Fundraiser for Ukraine

This facilitated dance workshop is a chance to dance in solidarity with those who are suffering, and raise money for Ukrainian war victims.

About this event:

You can register to attend this event live, or you are welcome to simply donate to contribute to the cause.

For participation in the workshop, we ask a sliding scale donation: €30-€500. Places are limited due to venue capacity.

For donation only, any amount is welcome.

Join us on Friday evening, March 18, to dance in solidarity with all those who are suffering as a result of the war in the Ukraine, and to raise funds to support the rehabilitation of children who are victims of war trauma. This will be a facilitated dance journey, using free-form movement. Guidance is provided to help deepen our experience. No dance experience is necessary.

The intention is to be in solidarity. This means that we are "Honouring our pain for the world;" our own individual suffering, as well as the suffering of those afflicted by war, trauma, and conflict. We aim to cultivate an experience where we can embrace our collective plight, as well as our interconnectedness. To create an experience of togetherness, where we know in our bodies that we are a global people. We will dance also for peace, for healing, for beauty, and for a brighter future. Your pain is my pain; your joy is my joy. This is not "me helping you"; this is "us doing it together."

ALL PROCEEDS from this event will be donated to the Ukrainian organisation Voices of Children Foundation. This organisation provides psychological and psychosocial support to children, to help them overcome the consequences of armed conflict, and develop in a healthy way. They are currently providing non-stop assistance to children and families all over the country. We have chosen to distribute funds to this organisation so that we can directly support the rehabilitation of those most directly affected by this war and conflict, and hopefully impact the lives of future generations, in the hopes that we can be a part of co-creating a different future. You can read more about this organisation on their website. Your donation through eventbrite will first be collected by Anna Swisher, who will then distribute 100% of the donations straight to the foundation, with a message and the story of our dance. If you have any doubts or fears about the legitimacy of this process, you are welcome to donate directly to the organisation yourself; however if you choose to do this, please let us know 

(email, so that we can track our impact!


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