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And I realized the reason I took that initial vow, was because I was afraid of being seen. Just like I was afraid of being heard and I was afraid of putting myself out there in a bigger way. Bottom line... I was operating out of fear.

Then one day, my friend grabbed her camera and decided that for my birthday we would do a photo shoot.

I vowed never to have one of those self-promotion pages, but then I had my picture taken.

As she began to snap photos I witnessed self-doubt, hatred, shame and negative talk replaced by feelings of courage, confidence and self-love. I realized that this process of being seen in this way is a perfect pathway to empowerment. 

I get it now.


It feels good to face my fear. It feels good to be seen. It feels good to be me. 

It's true, that I will always be a little camera shy. But on this day, for my birthday, I wasn't afraid of being seen. 


Dance  Travel


I could touch more lives taking an alternative route.

After spending 14 years in higher education, on my way to medical school, I realized that real healing starts with a conversation with the soul.  

My EGO really wanted to be a doctor, but my HEART and my SOUL knew I could touch more lives by taking an alternative route... and finding my purpose and passions by LIVING my life.


AND WHAT I REALLY WANTED, was yoga, dance and travel. I wanted to LIVE MY LEARNING by immersing myself in practice, community and culture. And so I embarked on a life long journey of learning and self discovery.


Never to look back.  

My Story

Real healing starts with a conversation with the soul...



Consciousness and Transformative Studies

The Masters of Consciousness and Transformative Studies program at John F Kennedy University is a blend of Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality studies. The program focuses on deepening our understanding of the evolution of human consciousness, emotional and interpersonal intelligence, indigenous wisdom, transpersonal psychology, dreamwork, shadow work, archetypes, embodiment practices, integral theory, systems theory and best practices for personal and collective transformation. The program prepares graduates to be new paradigm leaders, coaches, teachers, speakers, research and writers. I completed four years of coursework, including a year long thesis research project in Gender Reconciliation and Compassionate Communication and two specialisations in Coaching and Dream Studies.


Interdisciplinary Studies Major & Pre-Medical Sciences

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of California Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Studies Major, and returned to school for six more years to complete science prerequisites for medical school. After finally achieving my goal, it was clear that medical school was NOT my calling in this life-time. My healing would be found in alternative practices: movement, meditation, soul healing and women's empowerment. 



I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where I learned holistic health coaching skills and became a certified holistic health coach (CHHC). I love IIN's multi faceted and heart centered approach to healing, where empowerment is at the core of the training. IIN students were led into deep self discovery with the idea that to heal others, we must first heal ourselves. The IIN methodology is 100% client centered helping clients to realize they are fully supported and capable of healing themselves.



My yoga journey started when I moved to Berkeley, California for college in 2001. The Bay Area offers one of the most diverse yoga cultures in the world and over 15 years I was fortunate to practice with many excellent yoga teachers across many disciplines. I studied with teachers in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Yin, Forrest, Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Warrior, and Shadow Yoga. In 2013, I left the Bay Area to travel the world, and did my 200hr teacher training in Thailand. I was asked to return to Thailand as an assistant teacher trainer in 2014 and since then have been traveling and teaching in Thailand, New Zealand, California, Alabama and Ireland. In 2016, I was in Rishikesh India studying with Anand Mehrotra at the Sattva Yoga Academy. Since then, I teach a unique blend of Kundalini Kriya, Laya, Pranayama, Mantra and Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Flow. The workshops that I enjoy teaching reflect a similar diverse approach to yoga practice. 

I am currently certified as a RYT500, ERYT200 & YACEP. I received my 200RYT in Thailand in 2013, in Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on alignment, anatomy and therapeutics. In 2016, I completed my 300RYT with the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India qualifying me to teach a Kundalini Kriya based yoga practice. I have been running workshops and training yoga teachers since 2017.


I have been involved in the conscious dance movement since 2014. Since then I have sampled many different flavors of conscious dance,  from 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Journey Dance, Cacao Ceremonies, Contact Improv and Ecstatic. Since 2016 I have been facilitating my own version of Ecstatic Dance around the world. I helped create Ecstatic Dance Wanaka, in the South Island of New Zealand, near Queenstown, which ran for two seasons. I help coordinate and run ecstatic dances at the Burning Man festival in Nevada and on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. In Alabama, I helped build a conscious dance community, ran a weekly Ecstatic Dance, and trained future conscious dance facilitators.


I studied intuitive energy reading and clearing with the renown mystic and medicine woman Jody England, and graduated from her year long program called EsoTerra Magik School. I am part of a worldwide tribe of mystics, healers, and medicine women working together to bring the ancient art and practice of intuition back into our lives. I weave this work into my coaching practice, workshops and movement classes, infusing everything I do with intuitive guidance and wisdom.

PILATES   Mat Level 1 

Stott Pilates Training Center, Sacramento CA

THAI MASSAGE   Thai Yoga Massage Level 1

International Training Massage School Chaing Mai, Thailand

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