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Women supporting women to find their authentic voice, personal power, and creative freedom.

It takes a village. Together we heal.

Time for Change

We are on the edge of a massive paradigm shift... welcoming in a new era of the feminine. This is a time for women all over the world to wake up, rediscover their personal power, and reclaim their equal participation in shaping our world. As women begin to explore a new way of being seen, heard, and received, we need support from other women, from men that love us, and from elders that want to see us shine. The transformation starts with a desire, an idea. Then courage, commitment, and inspired action is required to manifest change. This is our time.

What is the Work?​

Women's group work is the ACTION piece for making changes in our lives. Women come together and gather in sisterhood. This is the first step in healing. The next steps are women supporting women to consciously clear the gunk that gets in the way of us truly standing in our power.

Many hands, make lighter work, AND the work still needs to be done. So we come together in community, with a focused purpose and clear vision, TO DO THE WORK. Together we hold each other accountable. 

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated and inspired women. We commit to radical self-responsibility when it comes to transforming our lives. We are self-motivated and self-reliant, yet also understand that we cannot do this alone. We do the work for ourselves and encourage our sisters to do the same. When like-minded individuals come together we find strength, accountability, and encouragement to continue healing ourselves so that we can heal the planet. 



1. We gather in small groups of women who are committed to doing the personal and collective work to transform themselves and help heal their communities and the planet.

2. We honor rituals in our gathering. We create a sacred container, opening and closing with intention, humility, and compassion.

3. We support a clear vision and purpose. We agree to do the work and honor our time commitments. 

4. We value authenticity and practice emotional intelligence, by honoring all expressions of emotions. Understanding that the cycles of both heavy and dark emotions are what leads to personal growth.


5. We agree to hold differences in kindness and honor diversity in opinion. We are not here to coach or advise each other. We acknowledge that we are each our own best teachers, perfect wherever we are on our paths, and commit to self-compassion and self-responsibility. 

5. We respect vulnerability and privacy and agree to keep all sharing confidential.

6. We commit to stepping into our personal power and developing the leadership skills that will help create future empowered leaders in our families and communities. 

Time Commitment

A new women's group is formed quarterly to correspond with the cycles of the seasons. Sessions are three months in length. 


Calls are 1.5 hours in length every week, plus 1 hour one-on-one with a support sister. Personal process work between calls is self-directed and personal time commitments will vary depending on needs. Journaling prompts, focus work, and follow-up exercises are available for each topic. 

Financial Commitment

Sliding scale $60-$150 per month 


Please contribute what you can, so that we can make this work accessible for more women.


**Please contact me for scholarships or work-trade options. 

Women's Group Work
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Inner Child




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All it takes is a little courage and commitment.

First, we change ourselves, then we change the world.

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