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Tending our wounded souls, lonely hearts & broken bodies.

Together we will go on a journey to explore the deepest recesses of the unconscious...

What is Intuitive Healing?

Our physical bodies are immersed in a field of vibration. This field has its own unique anatomy that informs the physical and emotional body, and influences our experience of reality, both in sensory input and behavioral output. The energy body, or subtle body, holds onto past traumas and shapes the way we perceive ourselves, others, and the world, and can even predispose us to certain illnesses and disease. Understanding the subtle energy body is an age-old practice, that has been lost in the modern world of more "tangible" and scientifically tested healing modalities, yet it is slowly making a come back and re-entering the western healing world.

Modalities, such as, Psychotherapy, Intuitive Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Qi Gong, Theta Healing, Reiki, Dream Work, Visualization, Tarot, etc. are all ways to access and heal the subtle body. Whatever tool is used, the basic principle is the same-- by tapping into the unified vibrational energetic field which exists within each of us, and all around us, we can work from that level to clear the blocks that are keeping us stuck.



Aspects of My Work

​Every psychosomatic energy system is different. We all have unique experiences that have shaped the way our systems are set up to interpret our world. These experiences inform how we perceive ourselves and others, how we give and receive love, wealth, and health, and what we choose to do or NOT do with our lives. What makes us tick, what makes us sick, and who and why we pick the people and the things we do in our lives all lies within our energy bodies.... and this is what we will be exploring together.

Sessions are typically one hour and fifteen minutes in length. We drop into a meditative space together and journey into areas of the body experiencing distress. These are the places where the stories reside that are creating emotional and physical dis-ease. Together we will use visualizations and felt experience to put a conceptual framework around the energy body so that we can explore and heal the wounds.

Together we will explore:

  • The use of deep imagination for healing

  • Understanding our unique energy anatomy

  • How and where the body stores trauma

  • Managing energy leaks and clearing energy blocks

  • Contracts we have with the people in our lives

  • Vows or promises we have made to ourself

  • Inner Child Work & Family Trauma

  • Past Lives & Ancestral Healing

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The deep imagination is our primary resource for recognizing the emerging future, for "seeing" the visionary possibilities of what we can create right now- individually and collectively... It is our essential resource for all genuine human creativity.

-Bill Plotkin

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