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The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body...

The dance is not where we lose ourself,  

but where we find ourself.

-Gabrielle Roth

What is Conscious Dance?


Conscious dance is a free-form dance method, where dance is used as a form of meditation. Conscious dance is a substance-free experience where dancers remove their shoes, feel their feet on the floor, close their eyes, and drop into their body to their own unique movement. All ages, genders, body types, and movement styles are welcome. There is no right or wrong way to move the body. The dance floor is a safe space to explore free-form, self-directed movement.

Conscious Dance Class

A Conscious Dance class gently guides dancers into a deeper experience of self through movement. The room is darkened, the music's turned high and the energy rides the waves of the music, taking dancers on an intimate journey to dance with their soul. Each class is broken into three parts: grounding meditation & intention setting, guided journey dance, and closing meditation, or sound healing. 

Check out my schedule for current classes.

Ecstatic Dance Event

Ecstatic Dance is a worldwide conscious dance organization that started in the Bay Area and now spans the globe. Each independently-run Ecstatic Dance consists of three things: 1) a movement class, either yoga or another embodiment method, 2) a live DJ dance party, and 3) a live sound healing to close. Local DJs, yoga instructors, sound healers, and dancers are asked to be a part of this collaborative event. Find out more about here.


Check out my schedule for upcoming Ecstatic Dance events.

Are you a DJ, dancer, or facilitator that wants to collaborate?

Or are you just ready to DANCE?! Contact me & let's get on the dance floor.

Thanks! Message sent.

Energy moves in waves.

Waves move in patterns.

Patterns move in rhythms. 

A human being is just that, energy,

waves, patterns, and rhythms.

Nothing more, nothing less.

A dance.

-Gabrielle Roth


Join the Conscious Dance Movement

Face your fears......Let yourself go......Find your rhythm......Find your flow.
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