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Wednesday January 10, 2021

6:00 PM - 8:15 PM GMT

Online Zoom

Work That Reconnects Spring 2021

Join a closed group of global citizens to explore & practice The Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy) to build resilience in times of crisis.

About this event

Three month commitment, Feb. 10 - May 2 (schedule below)

2 meetings a month, (1 Wed & 1 Sun)

6-8:15 pm Irish time, 10am-12:15pm PST (on Zoom)

Offered through Gift Economy: €60 - €300

(read more below about Gift Economy)

This group will meet at two different times each month, to accommodate as many schedules as possible. You are welcome to join for one or both; they will all be unique.

Hosted and facilitated by Anna Swisher, a Work That Reconnects facilitator, mentor, and community activist in Ireland. Each group will meet for just over two hours, and we will focus on exploring Active Hope and the Work That Reconnects (WTR,) the teachings of Joanna Macy and others. The WTR is a collection of practices that help us to re-discover our humanity again and again; it aids us in navigating disorienting times by connecting to our care for Life, tending our relationships with each other, welcoming challenging emotions as fuel, and empowering us to use the resources we already have to act on behalf of life. This group is about building RESILIENCE, and we will explore what that means, and how we might do it. Our sessions will be interactive, nourishing, and inspiring. This will also be a wonderful place for people who are on the path to facilitating the WTR, and want to learn more about the practices, particularly in an online format.

This group also includes OPTIONAL study/action groups. These are small groups of 3-4 people who meet once between every large group meeting, to support each other in bringing the work into our own lives and communities. Study/Action groups provide a place for us to really explore (and follow up with) the issues, initiatives and projects we might like to undertake or support in our local communities. Formats for SA group meetings are provided, and based around the WTR. We will discuss Study/Action groups in our first meeting together.

This is a three-month commitment. Once we begin together in February, we will close the group to newcomers for 3 months, and welcome others in again at the end of spring, for the next season of the group. This way we are able to build a strong connection and culture within the group.

Times of crisis remind us that we need each other; that life is precious, and we have much to be grateful for. Let us find ways to come together and find our way through this. Let us be a part of the solutions, of the new ways forward when collapse threatens us and media feeds our fears and anxieties. Let technology help us connect, and build a better world, together.

Scholarships are offered only as available. Your contributions make scholarships possible. If you are someone with resources who would like to contribute towards scholarship funds, that is greatly appreciated. To do this you can click on "tickets," enter your gift amount and contact information, and then in the fields marker "Name" and "Surname," simply enter "Scholarship" and "donation".

If you are new to the Work and are unsure whether this is for you, there will be a FREE introductory workshop on Sunday, Jan 24th. You can register for that HERE.

You can read more about the WTR here.


This is NOT a free event! Neither is it a donation (but eventbrite requires we call it that.) Please read to understand about your gift.

Gift Economy is a form of economic exchange which allows us to feel our own sense of value, to appreciate the experience of giving and receiving, and to humanize our money-matters, making them transparent and placing them in the context of community enrichment. It works like this:

I give a gift; my gift to you, and the community, is providing a space, structure, and facilitation for The Work That Reconnects. 

I give this gift joyfully, from my heart, and enjoy giving it. As the receiver of this gift, you are fed and nourished (hopefully!). You are naturally inspired to give a gift in return, in the spirit of reciprocity, balance, and mutual support. Everyone is empowered to enjoy the process of giving a gift from the heart, supporting and strengthening the community. In this case we are talking about a monetary gift. The “amount,” or “value,” is up to you. This is an incredible opportunity to look at our sense of value; how and where do we use our resources? What do we place value on in our lives? What does money mean in our hearts? What feels good to give, from a place of being nourished, supported, and supportive? It also allows us to respect the fact that different people, at different times, are in different relationships with money, and that a “gift” can look many different ways depending on your situation.

Gift Economy is also an effort to deconstruct and counteract the dominant capitalist structures, which try to assign value to things for us, and demand that we pay/play along in order to keep afloat. Giving a gift is a choice, made from the heart, which allows you to decide for yourself what “value” is. It is also "needs-based," meaning that all people involved are able to have their needs met.

This is a paradigm shift, which I think metaphors are helpful for wrapping our heads around, so here is one: Rather than me being the deliverer of goods, that you must then pay for…instead we are all sitting around a table exchanging gifts. Your gift is just as valuable as mine. What you give, both in your presence and your monetary contributions, is as valuable as what I give. And we are all richer after sitting around the table together, giving and receiving gifts. No one feels depleted.

SO, the amount of your gift is up to you, within a range that also meets my needs. As facilitator, it is an opportunity for me to reckon with my own value, and understand what supports me in order to continue making this offering. Based on the amount of time, energy, and work that goes into running this group, I have discovered that this range falls between €60-€300. What feels right for you, within this range? I ask for your gift at the start of the group, to support our commitment to each other. You are welcome to give a gift that you can manage up front, and to give additional gifts as the group goes on, if this meets your needs; your resources or situations may shift, and/or you may begin to feel the value of the work more fully. What I ask is that you and I are clear on an agreement for gifting up front, and that everyone honours their commitment as the group goes on. 

Once you have registered, please send me an email to let me know your gifting intentions.

If any of this is financially challenging for you (aka does not meet YOUR needs) please let me know, and we can have a personal chat to figure out something that will work. The gift economy is about creating nourishing relationships, and meeting everyone's needs.

I am very happy to build relationships in this way, have a conversation with anyone about your needs and desires for gifting, and create access for as many people as possible.

Larger gifts also enable under-resourced individuals to take part in this group. If you are able to give more to support access for those who are under-resourced, that is welcome and deeply appreciated.

MY ASK FROM YOU: For me, giving this gift, I want to be giving it to people who are going to be there! Missing a meeting here and there is no problem, and of course we know that life happens sometimes. If you opt in, I would hope that you are able to attend at least one meeting a month, and to honour the group by showing up throughout the three months.

SCHEDULE (All meetings 6-8:15 pm Irish time, 10am-12:15pm PST)

Wed, Feb 10

Sun, Feb 21

Wed, March 10

Sun, March 28

Wed, April 14

Sun, May 2



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