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Strength through sisterhood


Womens Retreats

What are we?

We are women supporting women. Women facilitators and women participatants. Women traveling, living, dancing, yoga-ing, crafting, journaling, adventuring, singing and sharing together. Each year, for one week, in a beautiful and tropical place. Transformation starts with empowHERment. EmpowHERment comes from community who can see, hear and truly support one another. Join us to ignite the change you want to see in your life.

Where are we?

Still in planning phase. Location TBD.


VISUALIZE, a beautiful resort on white sand beaches. Mexico... Costa Rica? 


When are we?


Next retreat, Spring 2020


When: Spring 2020

Where: TBD

More details to come...

Sample Retreat Schedule

early am  

mid am


late am


early pm


late pm







creative activity

or free time


empowerment activity or free time




inspiring movie

or free time

Womens Rituals

Why we gather with the moon...


The Full Moon and New Moon are potent times for women to gather and connect with themselves, each other, and nature. We use ritual to help us drop more fully into our bodies and into a realm where potentials for transformation feel more possible. Ritual helps to create a sacred place where our past can be truly honored and our future can be manifested in ways that we desire. Ritual brings potency to the present moment and facilitates intentional action. Through ritual guided by the moon we can remember living a life in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and in sync with our communities around us. 

Full Moon


Women gather at the full moon to honor a phase in which the moon is at its fullest. At phase where palpable changes are felt due to the moon's increased luminosity and magnetization. A full moon has grown to its full capacity, thus we honor the things we have brought to full capacity and completion in our lives. We celebrate the successes and losses in projects, relationships, and ideas that may have come to an end. This is a time to honor our lives and say goodbye to the things that have come to a close. 

New Moon

During this time of the month the moon is starting a new cycle. Therefore, the new moon is a time for setting new goals, planting seeds for new projects, and looking ahead toward the infinite potentials of creation. The new moon is a time for honoring the clear path by saying goodbye to the things that weren't serving us, thus making room for new things to emerge. Together we can envision what those things might be and in ritual set the stage for those things to manifest in our lives. 

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